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About GraceNicole

It started with a dream, a love of shopping and an even bigger love of helping people love who they are in this crazy, big world that is full of fear, judgment and I'm not good enough's.

GraceNicole is about the love shared by sisters (in-law), Bridget and Stayce. We want to share that love with you by offering affordable clothing.




Meet Bridget
Bridget uses her creativity and innovation to lead both for GraceNicole and her day job as a Communications & Engagement Leader for a large insurance and risk management consulting firm. Bridget is passionate about problem solving and is driven by curiosity. Bridget is married to the love of her life and is the mother of two kiddos and two dogs. In her free time, Bridget loves to shop (well, duh), read and travel to beach destinations.




Meet Stayce
Stayce knows no stranger and brings a smile to every room. She is caring and compassionate to everyone which makes her excellent as a leader at GraceNicole and saving lives at one of the nation's leading children's hospitals. Stayce is happily married to her best friend and has two sweet children. Stayce enjoys being around people- ball games, cheer contests and neighborhood gatherings are where you will find her in her spare time.