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Life's a Journey

Over the last five years, I have been on a personal journey with Christ. A journey that started more out of necessity because I was a bit of a mess really (and I still am, but now I know we all are). Most people would have thought from the outside I had it all together. I lived in a beautiful home, was married to a handsome, hardworking man, had two amazingly wonderful children and a management position at an up-and-coming business. I sure had everyone fooled.  And for awhile, I had myself fooled, too. 

Daily I prayed, dear God, change my life. Show me what I am called to do, make me new, make me feel loved. God responded, as he always does. You will not believe what happened. I got fired. Two days after my birthday, after busting my tail for over eight years at a job I thought I liked (most days, anyway), I was let go. Told you are no longer needed or wanted here.  Now that my friends, was an ego crushing moment if you've ever had one. Yet it was in the moments, I mean literal seconds, of that experience, that God took me by the hand and said, "follow me, I've got you, my dear child". 

So from that day, I've given it my all to live for Jesus, not for a job, or a beautiful home or even my wonderful husband and children. I share this to say that I still struggle and you too may know what that is like. What I will tell you is that God is here for you at your highest high and your lowest low. Take his hand and in the end, you will be made whole and new in Christ. 

What does this have to do with women's clothing and this boutique, you ask. As much as I want to tell you that when you buy one of the lovely items we sell you will feel amazing, that's not truth. The only truth comes from Jesus. May God be your truth in life. 

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